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alone sad unhappy: what do you do when every day of your life is sad and unhappy.i can't rember when i was

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SisterServant   in reply to SisterServant
You have a bad attitude which is why you will see nothing change. If you give to God's children, God will give to you. You are very selfish. All of the people on planet earth are God's children. May Jesus have mercy on you.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to SisterServant
Hi sisterservant have u seen on the news about a city not to far from me about there water? They not able to drink it are take a bath end it. If they take a bath in it they get sores all over there bodys and they have call end the nation gurgy now to help get water to people that not able to get to where they giving out water.i am worry to deads about my family that live up by there but my son law keeps tell me don't worry it not there city well it not there city but it falls in there courty so u know they getting it. What happen they didn't want the water coming end from detroit to flint they said there water bill would be to hight so they said they would take there drinking water from the flint river and that what they been drinking for two years now so because of what they did it costing the state of Mi alot of money now plus they have ask for more money from the. White house..
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You will be happy when you learn to show gratitude for what you have. You could live in a country with no clean drinking water or toilets.
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Can you volunteer somewhere? Helping others always makes me feel better.
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